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Spiral Bevel Gearboxes (BG)

Spiral bevel gearboxes BG incorporate the most modern advances in bevel gearbox design and construction.

These gearboxes offer an extensive range of ratios together with an excellent power to size relationship as well as low noise levels even at high speed operation.

  • The gearbox, which is mode in cast iron, is of cuboid design with all external faces machined and with threaded fixing positions on each face (usable depth of threaded hole = twice the diameter).
  • input and output covers and housing are supplied with two location spigot diameters (h7) together with threaded fixing holes (except size BG75) for possible co-axial fixing.
  • The alloy steel spiral bevel gears are cut in the GLEASON system, case hardened, tempered and lapped to the exact mounting position.
  • input and output shafts are manufactured in hardened and tempered steel with all surfaces ground.
  • input and output shaft tolerance j6.
  • Hollow shaft tolerance H7 - H8
  • Ali shafts supplied with threaded end to UNI 3221 - DIN 332.
  • Key ways to UNI 6604 - DIN 6885.

On request and dependent upon speed type BG spiral bevel gearboxes may be assembled with minimum backlash.

Due to the quality of the gears and machining tolerances, an overall efficiency of between 94 and 97% con be expected.


The modular construction of BG spiral bevel gearboxes permits up to six input/output shafts (except ratio 1:1).

The data are indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice all the modifications it sees fit.