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Parallel Shaft Gearboxes (GP)

PCM reduction gears have been completely redesigned.

Advantages of this are the following:

  • A more exhaustive product range
  • A greater working safety and reliability due to an increased transmissible power
  • New optionals available for all the product range
  • Possibility of hunting assembly through output flanges
  • New types of motor connections with coupling adapter and joint, antireverse devices, locking assemblies.

Assembly positions
PCM reduction gears cases are arranged for each kind of fixing, for particular assembly positions you can contact our technical department.

Acoustic pressure level
Noise level of the new reduction gears of the “G” series has been improved thanks to:

  • Bevel gear pair lapping
  • Optimised drive ratio
  • Reinforced cases to restrain vibrations

Heat dissipation
Reduction gears of the “G” series have a high heat performance thanks to:

  • Greater exchange surface with external environment
  • Optimised efficiency allows reduction of heat emissions by the mechanics.
  • For particularly burdensome applications, auxiliary cooling systems are available.

General warning:
The following steps must be absolutely respected:

  • Dimensional drawings included in this catalogue are approximate, PCM reserves the right to modify dimensions without any kind of obligation.
  • Weight and amount of oil are approximate. Oil quantities vary based on transmission ratio and construction. Refer to the visual level indicator.
  • The buyer commits to protecting rotating parts against any possible contact and to respecting safety standards in each country of use.
  • Before starting the machine, read use and maintenance manual carefully.
  • Reduction gears are supplied without any lubricant.
  • Oil viscosity must comply with the one indicated in this catalogue.
  • The types of oil recommended in this catalogue are the only ones authorised.

Avoid weather damage from outdoors use. The client must have adequate protections.

The data are indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice all the modifications it sees fit.