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Screw jack with travelling spindle (ST)

P.C.M. mechanical screw jacks series “S”, could be used in the following fields : lifting, travelling, handling and any type of linear traverse requiring high thrust capacity.

Screw jack with travelling spindle. Rotation of the worm wheel generates axial movement of the threaded spindle as it is thrusted by the ring gear of the screw jack.

Thanks to their manufacturing simpleness, make them highly resistant and suitable to be used also under heavy conditions, besides lubrication by means long-lasting lubricant reduce the maintenance.

Should they are installed in a same plant, they could be series connected by shafts, couplings and spiral-bevel gears in order to synchronize them perfectly ; in this way out of balance loads could also be controlled,

All screw jacks could be also used for:

  • alternating or direct current motors;
  • hydraulically-operated motors
  • pneumatic motors
  • manually-operated control


The following manufacturing materials are used, aside from the dimensions:

  • housing, covers: G22 grey cast iron
  • worm: 39 NiCrMo5Pb
  • ring gear: GCuSn12 bronze
  • threaded spindle TPN: steel R80 (36 SMnPb14 obtained by chip forming machining)

You will find in the following pages the important features in order to enable you to find the correct screw jack dimensions for the different fields of application.

The data are indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice all the modifications it sees fit.